16 May 2011

The 30 Day Song Challenge begins

Decided to start the (New and Improved) 30 Day Song Challenge.

Here's the rules:

Day 1. Your Current Favourite Song

2. A Song That Can Always Calm You Down

3. A Song You Like That No-One Else Seems To

4. A Song That Uses Weird Noises Well

5. A Song You Believe Has Great Lyrics

6. A Song You Would Like Played At Your Funeral

7. A Song That Gets Your Heart Racing

8. The Song That Changed Your Mind About Music

9. A Song By A Band You Stopped Listening To, But Started Again

10. A "Classic" Song Everybody Seems To Like But You

11. The Best Love Song You've Ever Heard

12. A Song That Ends Too Quickly

13. A Song With A Great Drum Rhythm

14. A Song By Your Favourite Singer

15. The Craziest Song You've Ever Heard

16. A Good Song That Does Get A Little Repetitive

17. A Song From Your Childhood

18. The Greatest Guitar Work You've Heard

19. An Exceptionally Sad Song

20. A Song By An Artist No Longer Living

21. A Song With A Great Bass Rhythm

22. A Song You Can Deeply Relate To

23. A Song You Could Play Over And Over And Never Get Sick Of

24. A Song Played At A Memorable Event In Your Life

25. A Song You Don't Understand

26. The Best Rock Song You've Heard

27. A Song That Forces You To Reminisce

28. A Song That Gives You Shivers

29. A Song That Helps You Live

30. Your New Current Favourite Song

And here's #1: James Blake - Unluck

As unluck would have it, for some reason there are only live version of the song on YouTube, so this is from an Italian website.

What do I love about it? The menacing minimal dub of Burial + the soul of Jeff Buckley + Jamie Lidell + Bon Iver + gospel. It has so many influences that it shouldn't work at all. And yet it rises above all of them to something amazing. And he uses autotune and it actually sounds good.

The result is... my current favourite

22 February 2010