03 December 2007

Scientologists: the new design critics

After the launch I went into the city to get some pics of projections I have been working on for The Electric Canvas. I got to Town Hall as some Scientologists we packing up their stall for the night and was encouraged to hear that they didn't think much of the projections; "I'm trying to like them, but they should enhance the building, not detract from it". When I want an opinion on nut case alien based billionare cults I'll ask OK lady!

Overall I loved the projections, particularly those on Mcquarie Street, where the buildings have flatter, whiter surfaces.

I also made a friend at the Town Hall who made a great model.

Cyclic launch at Concrete

Went to the small but cozy Concrete last night for the launch of the latest issue. Was treated to Sub Bass Snarl remixing a film live; but none of your high-falutin' Koyaanisqatsi or Erasurehead here, they were adding extra menace to John Carpenter's The Thing. Fucked up film, awesomely bad special effects. I had no idea what film it was until the end, so it was all a creepy, snowy, dog monstered, 70s big hair, adventure until the end.

Election reaction

During the state election earlier this year I threw up an old but favourite photo of some post-election graffiti.

I found some more, similar, more extreme graffiti the day after last weekend's federal election.