01 August 2007

Cyclic 17 launch

Excited about tomorrow night's launch of the new issue, but as always, found the missed typos that will leap from the printed page where before they were invisible.

My sister has volunteered her illustration services for next issue; that should be fun. She better not be crap though. Heh.

Lately I've been hankering (nostalgic?) for a ye olde Vibe Tribe warehouse rave circa 1995. The 0055 number, the glow paint, the creepy warehouse, putting your head inside a speaker, tracking down a purple ohm, dancing all night then freezing in a park as the sun comes up. Did we really do this? Yes, and almost every weekend it feels like. Do these gigs still happen? Yes, probably, but I'm way out of the loop.

I almost feel like going to one of those mega-stadium-super-commercial 'Utopia 65' raves just because its the closest thing going. Can't the old acid heads get back together, break into a warehouse, photocopy some flyers, throw them up around Newtown, and throw one more killer rave please? I promise I'll get my mega wide jeans out, find a tshirt with some kind of cartoon character on it, and skull guarana all night. Good times...

I'm in a mind to at least re-live the memories by scanning in my old Vibe Tribe flyers, converting old recordings from Radio Skid row into MP3 and creating some kind of tragic online place where all us oldies can go and complain about 'kids today' and bliss out to the old fashion Goa trance sounds of Dj Zeitgeist...

Message me if you know you want this