28 November 2007

Christmas projections

There was an article last week touching on the designs I have been doing for The Electric Canvas for Christmas-themed projections on various buildings around the CBD. I look forward to getting out there one night soon and taking some photos; even better, forgetting and walking past a building a double-taking at one of my designs writ-large on the Town Hall or Mint or somesuch.

Mouse parade

Untitled Mouse Detail by Tiffany Bozic

24 November 2007

Cyclic 18 is out!

The new issue of Cyclic Defrost will be hitting stores next week, with Cover design by Cailan Burns, one half of Pretty Boy Crossover. It also comes with free CD, a sampler from the recently revived Extreme Records.
This is my 6th as art director since I took over on issue 13, still in black and white, in mid 2006. I hope you can find a copy, and if you do, you enjoy the read and design!

12 November 2007

Image blog?

Seems I either don't have time to blog much any more, or nothing much of interest is happening. So my last two blogs have been images, and now I'm thinking this could be a good new thing to blog.

I deal in images as a designer all day long, and come across plenty of stuff that might be of interest to others. There are blogs and podcasts that just trawl other blogs or Youtube videos and select on comment on them, so why not a blog of found images from the internet toilet bowl surprise?

So here we go, with a new image, again on a charts theme. Beautiful, but no idea as to its meaning.

08 November 2007

Beautiful charts