31 May 2007


I am currently 'between jobs'. Read: have had too much time to work on my folio and website...

Am I already missing the 18 hour / 7 day weeks of just a month ago?

19 May 2007

Melbourne visit

Gen was bumping in Bangara's new show True Stories in Melbourne so I went down a day early to hang out. The weather was perfect to maintain my impression of Melbourne - rainy, chilly and cozy.

I enjoyed 2 days of wondering around, going to the galleries, taking photos, listening to my iPod and reading.

To have this time to myself, away from the old desk and regular life, was excellent for recharging the creative batteries. I re-visited ideas I had when away in Doha, and which I can hopefully pick up again now.

This photo was taken at ACMI's exhibition of Centre Pompidou Video Art 1965-2005. In fact I had already seen it here in Sydney, but I got more from it this time, partly due emphasis on different films, and partly due to having more time to spend.

I think the still above is from a film made by Peter Campus, which involved fading between layers of film of the same face. I really enjoyed Isaac Julien's Baltimore, despite having watched most of in Sydney, it seemed more powerful this time round.

I hope I can translate all those inspiring thoughts into action now I'm back!