10 August 2006

Soft arrest


'Software problems'

One of those days. I had my new computer delivered yesterday. There had been speculation that approval for it would never come and I would be working from my laptop for the rest of my sentence.

I have a not-so-legit copy of the CAD software I use and the intention was to use that, at least until they got approval to buy me the real one. But being part of a bigger organisation, no dodgy software is allowed to be installed on any of the computers. Some string pulling by one of my bosses meant the IT guys logged me in as an administrator then walked away, turning a blind eye.

So hooray, success, finally I can install, and it's the newest, latest version too. Sick. Insert the disc I brought all the way from home for this very moment and... FUCK. Somehow it's a Mac version! I've been looking for the latest version for Mac and never been able to find it! How is it that now that I need the PC one, I get the freaking Mac version! Aaarrgghh.

Of course there is no re-seller remotely near the country, and you can't purchase it online and download it. I appear asinine to my colleagues, especially those who've helped me out with some deft subterfuge. Excellent.

So i continue to sit in front of two large monitors, working off my laptop, with every other person who walks by asking me why I'm not using the new machine. 'Software problems' is about all I can mumble.


Is it possible to watch too many episode of Arrested Development?

Elouise has the first two series and and third on order. I have watched the whole first series and a bit in less than a week. I keep thinking the things that the voiceover says 'And that was when Michel realised...', 'And so, moments later', 'Popop was not, in fact, dead, but had escaped in the family stair-car to Mexico with his receptionist Kitty and was at that moment being arrested by the police who recognised him as the TV salesman of the CornBall deep fryer, which was banned for sale in America for being too dangerous, but had gone on to hideously burn the arms of half of Mexico.' Stuff like that.

The more I have watch it the more I realise that it follows all the tricks of a regular sit-com (a character says something, and it's immediately disproved), but it's the 'weird' cast of characters, and how well they're realised that sets it apart. Even the fact that its all about one family, mostly all in one house, with kids growing up etc is straight out of the sit-com handbook.

But what other sit com has a family of wealthy lay-abouts including a man-child son, with a questionably intimate relationship with his soak mother? A pathologically lazy Aunt who marries a probably gay man (last name Funke) to annoy her parents? A father in jail who turns jewish and releases a series of Hebrew self-help videos and a Korean adopted son called Hello. 'Ahn Yang!'

Ok I think I've answered my own question.


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