15 September 2006

Best shopping in Doha. SO FARRR.

We finally got internet connected at home this week, but QTel being who they are, the modem is super crappy and won't work with my MacBook. So I needed to go out and buy a new one. After work I followed a colleague's directions and walked to a street where there are a number of computer stores. Yes, I got a modem (which I can't make work yet!) but it's all the other stuff that I got that's exciting. Check it:

I've been after the stickers that locals put on their bumper bars or rear windows. I believe they're sayings or passages from the Koran. Some of them a huge, filling up the whole rear windscreens with beautiful white text. I found some stickers in a bookshop that were similar. They probably say 'No smoking' or 'No pets' but they look cool as shit.

Prayer stickers
These were probably produced in 1974. They are instructions for a child on how to pray and what to say while praying. Each step is it's own sticker. I bought 5 sets.

Tea coasters
I'm guessing thats what these are cos they're too small to fit a beer on. Pack of 8, all with different Arabic graphics on, for 2.5 riyal (about 60c).

Henna tattoo pattern book.
Lovely - a book of different patterns for henna tattoos on your feet and hands. Some girls at work have these done and they do look quite special. Bonus points to this book for all the hands being slightly odd shapes...

Best hats evar
Zander is going to love this. Visors made from tinted grey plastic. But wait, it's a bit sunny and I forgot my sunglasses - there's a lever that u pull down and sunglasses appear over your face. HOTNESS.

Prayer hands
Some slightly odd prayer hands holding some Arabic writing

Alarm clock
An alarm clock

Koran readings
Interactive CDRs featuring recitations of the Koran by Shk Abdul Baset Abdul Samad.

Arabic body parts
A wall chart with all the vital body parts in Arabic. Features eerie floating body parts.

Special Koran
I will definitely be buying at least one copy of the Koran before I leave; they're exquisitely bound and embossed and type-set. But not this one, this one is special in a different way. It's water proof! For when the call to prayer catches you in the bath. Or there you're praying outside and it starts to rain. There are so many uses.

Tandoor bread.
Next to the KFC at the local shopping centre there's a hole in the wall shop that only sells bread (and chickpea gruel type thing). They have a tandoor oven and they just pump out the fresh naan bread. This was the first time I has bought there. It was 1 riyal for 5 pieces (35c!).

Schwarmas and felafel from our favourite joint. You have to wait a few minutes because they create the felafel only when you order it. 2 chicken schwarmas with haloumi and 8 felafel for 10 riyal ($3.50!).

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