09 September 2006

Thank God it's Thursday

The end of another week has come around. As it's only one day off, you can't actually call it a weekend, and it definitely doesn't feel like it.

This will be my 6th week of work of what was to be a 12 week contract, taking me up to the end of October. They must think I'm doing something right, as yesterday they notified me that their request to extend my contract right up to after the Games in mid December has been approved.

So, rather than being halfway through my time here, I've actually got another 14 or so weeks to go. When my manager asked me a few weeks ago whether I would be interested in staying I jumped on the opportunity; less for the extra cash, and more for actually seeing the show come together in the crucial last few weeks, and then the actual performances. It just would have been weird to have got to know everyone, finished my drawings, and piss off right when it starts to heat up.

Apparently this is about the busiest time of work for us; come October all the props will be being built, or finished, and we'll be on hand for variation and additions. And then, come show time, like everyone else who is not directly involved in the putting the show on, we will be re-assigned to 'show roles'. These could be such boring roles as 'door sentinal' or 'props hander-outerer #89'.

But, the new word is (and solid information is vert difficult to come by in this company), we of the CAD team will be re-assigned as photographers. We're all stoked; I couldn't imagine a better possible role. I would love to get a riggers pass and be sat right up on top of on the stadium arches looking down on the field of play. Or maybe a seat in the bleaches just watching the show and snapping off shots. Sick.

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