15 December 2006

The calm before the last storm


Hours before Closing. Sitting on hands while the rest of the world runs around the final technical rehearsal. Deleting (or copying) the last files from my computer. Wrap party tonight, alot of people will get wild. Almost everyone flying out in the next 5 days.

Hoping it looks good. Too many colours in the costumes, don't blame me. Too many lights in the Arabesque Stage, should stay white, blame the wanker lighting designer, just out of jail. Not a big enough zoom on my lens, that is my fault, will have to arrange for someone to steal the other photographers' images for my folio. Its cold but not enough wind to stop the flying elements, as in Opening. It won't rain, the athletes won't get trapped in car park lake for 2 hours getting hypothermia like they did for opening. My dunes shouldn't blow down and Sheherezade may get a spin on the moon if they can un-sieze the rings of the cauldron.

Lots of goodbyes tonight, lots of addios. 11 months of work, 11 months of process, from sketches to workshop to rehearsals to the gigs, all finished. All the people involved. The hundreds. All the colours, and revisions and adjustments, arguments, drawing, printing, filing, sending, making. Ever since Febuary when I had no idea there was an Asian Games. It will be finished when I crack that first beer tonight.

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