19 December 2006

We heart Oman

The roads are completed. You can meet actual locals anywhere. You can see women's faces. There are geographical features. Locals wear colours, the hats and dishdahes are handwoven patterns.

Then there's the Chedi. Sophisticated resort on the beach. Date palms. White walls. Arabic design. Top service. Sun, pool, cocktails. Sleeping.

Went to the Grand Mosque today - it's new, and has representations from all eras of Islamic design. World's largest carpet, world's largest chandelier. Tall minarets with craggy mountains behind.

A diplomat shown through and his army guard taking of their boots before going inside the mosque.

We are about to have a spa, my first. Could we be more relaxed?

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Kay said...

Yaay I'm glad you loved it here! my friend got me a gift voucher (the milk bath) at the spa at the Chedi and I LOVED it. Not only can you see women's faces but not all Omani women wear the black Abaya. Its not as "scandalous" as it would be in Doha.

Loved the opening and closing ceremonies btw.