11 February 2007

No houses - no shit

While we were house-hunting there were reports in the media every day about the Sydney rental market going through the roof. This just enforced what we saw ourselves - not many properties advertised, lots of people at the inspections and over-priced places.

An article in the paper today has a photograph which is very familar. This is what greeted us at most inspections, including for this place.

Makes feel really happy we got somewhere when we did. And very sorry for anyone who hasn't.

Some interesting things from the article:

- "... city's lowest rental vacancy rate in 20 years could push up weekly rents by as much as $150 by year's end."

- "Sydney's 1.5 per cent vacancy rate was the lowest for 20 years."

- And this quote by house-hunters rings true: ""It's not very nice, but we still put in an application." !!

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