19 March 2007

Blogging from the great outdoor

I've returned from a day at the Vibewire office and found that I've left my keys either at work or here at home.

How can I be blogging if I can't get into the house? The wonders of wireless and a laptop! I'm sitting in from of my house on a comfy chair, connected to my wireless router. Gives you something to pass the time until Gen comes home and lets us in.

After weeks and weeks of hectic freelance, it looks like the load might lighten soon. Michael is back at Design team, so I probably won't be spending a couple of days a week there as I have been of late. I should be relieved, but of course I'm already stressing about losing the cash that goes with this.

I'm sure it won't last long, and I can use the time to create a new showreel and update my portfolio. I also have those thousands of photos I took in Qatar that need sorting. So some spare time will be good - for a short while.

But I bet that that time disappears into the Vibewire black hole, where all spare hours disappear. After a weekend watching our submissions, I made the 'final' selection this afternoon and started calling the lucky film makers.

One of the films was made in a youth drop-in centre, and is about the trials and tribs of trying to make a film in a place like that. A note at the end of the films states that many of the actors ended up in jail before the film could be completed, and that the camera was stolen.

True! When I called the film maker, she told me she may not be able to submit the film on Mini-DV, cos that probably disappeared with the camera.


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