08 March 2007


I finished a 15 day detox and I was feeling great. Then I ate some lamb and barely slept a wink.

It's been 2 weeks with no alcohol, no caffeine, dairy, meat, white grains. Lots of brown rice, green tea, brightly coloured movements. Some herby pills to take around mealtimes. Filtered water, tofu and raw nuts.

Unlike the first time I did it two years ago I didn't get flu-like symptoms and end up in bed for days. And it wasn't nearly as difficult to stop the booze and coffee either. I just felt great.

Then last night, my first day free, Gen cooked lamb chops. I could feel them sitting in my gut all night long - I don't think my digestive system knew what the hell to do with it after fortnight of the most easily digestible foods.

I think I will continue on the vego and fish thing for a while longer and get more sleep.

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