07 July 2008

The postcard project has begun!

I've just started a harebrained idea - and one that I keep doing every day for the next year.

I'm going to write and send a postcard every day for 356 days. I've made a while new blog for it, over at 365postcards.blogspot.com

I hope to re-connect to people I have seen in a long time, to communicate in a new way to the people I do see, and use it as a daily creative outlet. I always do my best work when I'm making FOR someone I care about, so I hope I turn up some gold.

There are other reasons - everyone loves getting postcards, especially these days when we used snailmail post less and less. And for me it will be like keeping a journal; along with scanning the pretty pictures on the fronts of the postcards and posting them up, I am also scanning the back, what I write. These won't be up for public consumption, just for my record.

I am also using some of the nifty things this simple blog allows. Like I am including a Google Maps link with every post to show where the card goes.

And I am hoping that the recipients will log in and post comments in response to what they receive. This way it's not just a one way communication. And if anyone has ideas on where this idea could expand, I'd love to hear it.

It's also a big test of discipline - can I really find the time to write something interesting every day, along with scan and blog it? Who knows, and who know what crazy stuff will happen in the next year.

It's all going to be documented...

PS thanks to Gen's friend Beth Sometimes, who did this exact thing recently, just without all the fancy interweb stuff.

PPS if you want to receive a card, message me your address!

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