24 July 2008

Rule Brittany!

I have become lightly obsessed with the Tour De France, last night even staying up to the exciting end (just).

Admiring the cyclists' stamina is fascinating, as I'm puffed going up a gutter on my bike. Then there's the beautiful French countryside and towns, espsecially from the helipcopters.

And the finaly thing to enjoy is watching the loony European spectators who apparently camp beside the road for up to a week for w good position.

Amongst the all-orange Dutch fans, and the sunburnt fat Germans, and the occaisonal boxing Kangaroo, I have noticed this weird black and white flag. It kinda looked like the American flag, but bad-ass. I wondered if it was actually some kind of marketing thing and half expected to hear Nike had infiltrated.

In fact, the commentators mentioned the flag last night, and it's actually the flag of Brittany, also called the Gwenn-ha-du in Breton. There are some riders int he Tour from that region of France. So it all makes sense.

Allez! The coolest flag in the world.

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Kristen Pelou said...

yes, brittany rules ! This is the flag from Brittany, the "Gwenn ha Du" for Black & White in local language. I'm not a cyclism fan but i heard the Tour started in Brittany this year, that may be the reason why you saw many of these flags.