15 September 2009

A couple of rags that were once Tshirts

Pota! Pota! Pota!
My host family bought this Tshirt for me in 1998. I had been looking for some mementos that were in Italian and this was one of the few around. The words are apparently Bergamo slang for something, and some comedians used to always say it on TV, along with 'Fia!'. Hilarious apparently, so much that they made Tshirts.

This on is also special as it has a screenprint on the back that I did with my late cousin Jack, probably not long after my time in Italy.

The next one Zander screenprinted for me, as a birthday present to accompany the main present; a ticket to Kraftwerk, with him and Ashley. We all got a Tshirt, but I bet they didn't hang onto theirs as long as I did. I persisted with wearing this one to the gym until only recently, when I discovered quite how threadbare it was when it went basically see0through after a sweaty session!

Farewell old friends, to landfill!

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