08 February 2007

Arrgh freelance. It never rains.

One week you're moving house, the next you're unpacked but have 6 clients all needing things yesterday. Such is the life a sole trading freelance designer. I really have to work out a way to manage when work comes in. If you havin any ideas please forward them to ineeditdoneyesterday@freelancesucker.com.au

I shouldn't complain, I need the work, my last paid day in Doha being in mid December. I had just got so peacefully used to working in an office with just one single client and job at hand.

How quickly I forgot what it was like to run an under-funded short film festival, art direct a magazine, quote and write proposals, design some exhibition stands and CAD up some retail. I did do some sums last year and I think I was writing more than 60 work-related emails over 5 overlapping jobs every day.

It's so hard to find good people these days.

Eeek I think my next appointment is arriving - gotta run!

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