02 February 2007

Cast adrift

Moving sucks, we all feel that. This move feels like it has taken forever. Today we we will remove the last of the stuff we cannot give away from our front porch. St Vinnies visited but weren't interested in taking away perfectly good household items (may of which had been bought from them!).

Also haven't had a phone or internet for two weeks, which adds to the feeling of disconnection. Haven't had new pages in my diary. Washing machine was broken. Fridge didn't fit anywhere. No chairs!

But it's starting to look good now - we really were ruthless with getting rid of shit we didn't need. So even it's a much smaller house it doesn't feel full of junk. The test will be when we're both hard at work from home. Will be able to stay tidy then?

Mum got me some pots and herbs for my birthday. Yay lemongrass. I must be getting old and boring.

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