04 March 2007

Cyclic Defrost issue 16 about to go to print

I'm almost finished the new issue of Cyclic Defrost Magazine. This is my 4th issue as art director but the first that uses my own design rather than the existing template.

The previous issue was an ordeal to create in every sense - I was overseas in Qatar, my new laptop had software problems for months, patchy internet signal, working 6 days-a-week on the Ceremonies, isolated from the proofing process, and of course, the joy of working on a little screen.

Amazingly, we did get there, and the result wasn't too bad considering.

This time around I've had the luxury of a few weeks to re-imagine the format, including take full advantage of the colour printing throughout. A proper 250gsm varnished cover will add that final touch in bringing the mag from 'street rag' to 'art mag'. Incredibly, they are still free, you just have to be real quick if you want to find one!

One of the key elements I have introduced (other than a new grid and fonts etc) is a 8mm border
The guest cover designer this issue is Build, ex-Designers Republic, old school graphic design heroes. I struggled to make my new design format work with the articles until I did his - I used some of his EPS files (which of course you can blow up in scale indefinitely) in the borders. These files were mostly white with patches of black, so the border edges were implied rather than defined.

With this I was released from the constraint I had set myself. All the other articles flowed easily after this - just because I had created a border I don't need work it strictly, just referring to it in some fashion is enough to create the look. And it won't get boring with every article looking similar.

I look forward to anyone's thoughts on the success of the re-design.

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